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April 12, 2005

Aquasport Specification Sheet

Our faithful member steved in Rome has been kind enough to put together an Aquasport Specification Document as an Excel file with specs from various models of Aquasports. Steved has gathered this information through an exhaustive search of pre-Genmar marketing materials, owner manuals, and other documents. While it is a work-in-progress, steved's efforts will prove very useful for those of you rebuilding your classic Aquasports to their original specifications. As steved gathers more information on additional models, we'll update this file accordingly. Finally, if any ClassicAquasport.com users have additional information to contribute to this effort, please contact steved. Thanks again steved!

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March 17, 2005

Aquasport History Project Gets Underway!

Steve Dembner, better known to ClassicAquasport.com members as steved, is initiating an effort to document Aquasport boats and their unique history in small boat manufacturing and fishing. Aquasport was founded in 1967 and then was taken over by Genmar in 1988. Unfortunately, the takeover was preceded by tumultuous times and Genmar has very little material related to Aquasport prior to 1988.

Research will include any original Aquasport documentation that can be obtained, either from Aquasport directly or, more likely, from Aquasport owners and enthusiasts; back issues of boating magazines that published at that time, as well as back issues of newspapers that may have published stories on Aquasport (originally located in Hialeah, Florida). Personal contacts with former Aquasport employees, dealers, etc. will also be key. The objective is a clear history of the company and complete technical information on all of the boat models built by Aquasport during the period 1967-1988. The results will be published on ClassicAquasport.com as a work in progress and user input will be welcome, in fact essential.

ClassicAquasport.com members or guests who have knowledge or leads about Aquasport and/or classic Aquasport boats are requested to contact Steve Dembner. You can also reach Steve through his ClassicAquasport.com username steved. ClassicAquasport.com management thanks Steve for all of the hard work he has put into this project!

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